2.2. Setting up Product Options

Aside from the basic settings covered in Chapter 1, there are many other ways you can customize your product. Here's a quick explination of the other product options, sorted by the tab they're located in.

Advanced- From the advanced tab you can list the manufacturer of the product, assign a tax class, choose if the product requires shipping or not, set the sort order (see Setting up Categories for instructions), and enter the length and width of the product (used for some shipping methods). You can also choose if you want MiiDuu to automatically subtract stock from the quantity you entered when a product is purchased, force a minimum quantity for purchase (for example, the product can only be purchased if a customer orders more than 5), and select the status that appears when a product is sold out.

Special This tab allows you to put a product on sale. Just click "Add Special Price" and then enter the start and end dates of the sale, and the sale price. Don't forget to click save!

Image MiiDuu lets you assign multiple images to each product. The product images you upload here will appear as thumnails below your main product image, which can be enlarged by clicking on them. You can upload as many additional product images as you'd like.

Related If you'd like to alert your customers to related products, you can assign those here. Just select a category and then click and drag the related products into the "Related" box. Don't forget to go to the layout page and add the "Related Products" block to your Product page sidebar.

Wholesale Advanced and above users can also set up wholesale prices for their products. From the Wholesale tab, just click "Add Wholesale Price" and then enter the minimum amount purchased and the new, discounted price. You can add as many tiers of discounts as you'd like. Don't forget to click save!

Cross Sell Advanced and above members can also set up cross sell products. This will suggest other products a customer might like when the customer views their shopping cart. Set up works just like Related products, except you don't need to add the sidebar block. Just click and drag the desired products into the right hand box.