8.3. How to Add or Edit Language Translations

When selecting a language for your store, you will see a percentage next to the language. This is the percentage of the site that has been translated into that language. If you would like to add translations to the page, or if you see one that is incorrect and you would like to change it, scroll do the bottom of any page and click "Languages". Select the language you'd like to add or edit a translation for and then find the term you would like to edit. You can now enter in your own translation, or vote on previously entered translations. The translation that has the highest score is the one that will be displayed. Our system updates daily, so while your changes are not immediately visible, they will be displayed within 24 hours.

If a language you would like to use is not available, send us an e-mail at contact@miiduu.com and we will add it as quickly as we can.