9.2. Setting Your Domain to Both "http://www.yourdomain.com" and "http://yourdomain.com"

If you want to map your own domain site to your MiiDuu store with both http://mydomainname.com and http://www.mydomainname.com , you can set up the DNS in GoDaddy to do so. First you'll want to ping your store (storename.miiduu.com) and figure out your IP address. To do this, click on "Run" from your Start menu in Windows. Enter "CMD" into the text box and click "run". A black window with white text will pop up. Simply enter "ping storename.miiduu.com" and the IP address for your site will be displayed in brackets [ ]. Then in your GoDaddy DNS page, where it says "Host name" it should be filled in "@" and where it says "Points to the IP Address" you'll simply copy in the IP address to your site.

Figure 9.5.