Chapter 2. Advanced Product Options

Table of Contents

2.1. Setting up Categories
2.2. Setting up Product Options
2.3. How to Set Up Product Variations
2.4. How to Set Up Product Attributes
2.5. How to Import Products
2.6. How to Export Products
2.7. How to Sell Digital Downlads

2.1. Setting up Categories

Aside from creating a category name, there are many other options available for categories, which are explained below:

Sub-Categories- In addition to Categories, you can also set up Sub-Categories. Sub-Categories really help organize your site so your customers can easily find exactly what they're looking for. They are an easy way to greatly improve the customer experience of your store. Setting up sub-categories is a snap! Just create a new category and select a parent category. This will create a sub-category for you, such as T-Shirts -> Men's.

Figure 2.1. Sub-category screenshot

Sub-category screenshot

Sort Order The sort order is the order in which this particular category appears in the list of categories. For example, if you'd like a category to be the first on the list, you would enter a sort order of "1". Be sure to double check that each category has a unique sort order, or you will encounter sorting problems.

SEO URL MiiDuu automatically assigns an SEO friendly URL for you (, but if you'd like to change it something else, you can. Just click on the "Advanced" tab and enter your desired URL ending in the SEO URL blank.

Category Discription or Banner If you'd like a description or a banner to appear at the top of your category page (like the banners at the top of your homepage), just copy and paste it into the Description box under the "Advanced" tab.