Miiduu User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Quick Start: Get Your Store Up and Running in Just a Few Minutes
1.1. Getting Started
1.2. How to Change Your Theme
1.3. How to Change Your Store Name and Logo
1.4. Adding Products
1.5. Shipping Setup
1.6. Payment Setup
2. Advanced Product Options
2.1. Setting up Categories
2.2. Setting up Product Options
2.3. How to Set Up Product Variations
2.4. How to Set Up Product Attributes
2.5. How to Import Products
2.6. How to Export Products
2.7. How to Sell Digital Downlads
3. How to Edit Your Store's Layout
3.1. How to Change Your Theme
3.2. How to Customize Your Sidebars
3.3. Changing Your Store's Banner Images
3.4. Theme Settings
3.5. How to Fully Customize Your Store with CSS or HTML
3.6. Setting Up Your Navigation Bars
3.7. How to Add a Page
4. How to Set Up Payment Options
4.1. Authorize.net
4.2. Bank Transfer
4.3. Checks or Money Orders
4.4. Cash on Delivery
4.5. Google Checkout
4.6. PayPal
4.7. More Payment Options
5. Geo Zones
5.1. What are Geo Zones?
5.2. How to Add Geo Zones
6. How to Set Up Shipping Options
6.1. Shipping Basics
6.2. Flat Rate
6.3. Free Shipping
6.4. UPS
6.5. United States Postal Service (USPS)
6.6. Weight Based Shipping
6.7. Other Shipping Options
7. How to Set Up Your Facebook Store
7.1. Facebook Store Basics
7.2. Installing Your Facebook Store
7.3. Customizing Your Facebook Store's Appearance
7.4. Customizing Your Facebook Sidebar and Body
7.5. Choosing A Facebook Landing Page
8. Language, Currency and Tax
8.1. How to Change the Language for Your Dashboard and Store Front
8.2. How to Create a Multilingual Store
8.3. How to Add or Edit Language Translations
8.4. How to Change Your Currency
8.5. How to Add a Currency
8.6. Tax
9. How to Set Up Your Own Domain Name
9.1. How to Set Your Domain to Your MiiDuu Store
9.2. Setting Your Domain to Both "http://www.yourdomain.com" and "http://yourdomain.com"
9.3. How to Map Your MiiDuu Store to a Subdomain
9.4. Use SSL for Your Own Domain
10. How to Promote Your Store
10.1. Newsletters
10.2. Coupons
10.3. Gift Card
10.4. Affiliate Program
10.5. Google Services
10.6. Get Featured in the MiiDuu Directory
10.7. Embed Your Products on Other Sites
10.8. Advertising
10.9. Facebook
11. How to Add Stores or Users to Your Account
11.1. How to Add Multiple Users to Your MiiDuu Store
11.2. How to Add and Use User Groups
11.3. How to Add Multiple Stores to Your Account
12. The MiiDuu App Store
12.1. An Introduction to the MiiDuu App Store
12.2. How to Install Apps from the App Store
12.3. How to Manage Apps from the App Store
13. MiiDuu Store Reports
13.1. Dashboard Reports
13.2. Overall Sales Reports
13.3. Product Sales Reports
13.4. How to Use Google Analytics with MiiDuu