3.6. Setting Up Your Navigation Bars

First you'll want to navigate to Design -> Navigation. To add a page, choose if you would like your page to appear in the top or bottom navigation bar, then click the appropriate Add button. You will then enter the name of the page as you'd like it to appear in the navigation bar. Then from the "Link to" dropdown menu select the type of page you'd like to add. "System" is for the Contact Us, All Products, and Site Map pages, "Page" is for the About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy pages, as well as any new pages that you have created. You can also link to a category page by selecting "Product Category". Once you have selected the type of page you'd like to add, select the specific page from the dropdown menu, and click Add.

You can delete or edit a page by hovering over the link, and then clicking delete or edit. If you'd like to reorder your pages, just click and drag them to where you'd like them to go.

Figure 3.5.