8.4. How to Change Your Currency

Changing the currency of your store is simple. Just go to "System" and click on "Localization". Then click "Currencies". You will see a list of our default currencies. Check the one you would like to use as your default currency, and then click "Set as Default". Note that when you do this that currency will automatically be set as "1.0" and you will need to update the exchange rates. You can do this by editing each of the currencies. This will be important for international customers who choose to view your site in a different currency. Once you have updated your default currency, make sure to adjust any prices for your products. When pricing a product you will enter the price in the default currency, so any changes to your default currency will affect the pricing of your products.If the currency you would like to use as a default, or a currency you would like customers to have the option to view the site in, is not listed, you can add it by following the directions in the next section.

Figure 8.2.