Chapter 11. How to Add Stores or Users to Your Account

Table of Contents

11.1. How to Add Multiple Users to Your MiiDuu Store
11.2. How to Add and Use User Groups
11.3. How to Add Multiple Stores to Your Account

11.1. How to Add Multiple Users to Your MiiDuu Store

Adding additional users to your store is a great feature for those who are part of team. This feature allows multiple users to log in to the store with their own e-mail addresses and passwords. The owner of the store (the original user), can also determine which functions of the store different users have access to. This feature is available for Professional and above stores.

To add a user, just navigate to System -> Users -> Users. On this page, you will be shown a list of current users for your store. Click the "Add" button in the top right corner. Now just fill out the form and click save! Your new user can now login to your admin page with their username and password.

Figure 11.1.