Chapter 9. How to Set Up Your Own Domain Name

Table of Contents

9.1. How to Set Your Domain to Your MiiDuu Store
9.2. Setting Your Domain to Both "" and ""
9.3. How to Map Your MiiDuu Store to a Subdomain
9.4. Use SSL for Your Own Domain

9.1. How to Set Your Domain to Your MiiDuu Store

There are two things you need to do to set your own domain for your MiiDuu store. First set the DNS record to map your domain to your MiiDuu site, then change your MiiDuu store settings to reflect your own domain. For more detailed directions on how to do this, read below. For simplicity, we have given instructions for the most popular web host,, however, the directions are basically the same for all hosts. If you encounter a problem, feel free to e-mail us at and we'll talk you through it!

First, set the CNAME record to map to your MiiDuu store URL at To do this, login to your GoDaddy account and click "Domains" to show all of your registered domains. Then click the domain name that you want to assign to your store.

At this point you will see a "Domain Manager" page. Click the "Total DNS control and MX record" link.

Figure 9.1. 

In the "CNAMES(Aliases)" section, you will click on the "Edit" button in the far right column of the "www" record line.

Figure 9.2. 

Edit the "CNAME" record to map "www" to your MiiDuu site, e.g. Set the "alias name" to "www", and the host name to ""

Figure 9.3. 

Now all you have to do is enter in your new domain name in your Backoffice. To do this, log into to your Miiduu account, go to the "System" tab and click on the "Own Domain" tab in the dropdown menu.

From there you will decide if you would like to purchase an SSL certificate for your own domain. We strongly recommend this feature as it makes sure the check out process and your customer account pages are in secure https mode. However, it is entirely up to you.

Figure 9.4. 

If you choose not to purchase it, just enter in your domain name and click "save" . You're all set.

If you choose to purchase the SSL certificate, once you enter your domain name and click "save", you will be shown the SSL plan and then you can click "Sign up now" and you will be taken to a PayPal page. We will set up the SSL certification for your domain and notify you when your certificate is working. Please notice the certification ONLY works for the specific domain URL that you set. For example, if you set your own domain to be "", the SSL certification will only work for It won't work in any other subdomains, such as,

Please click here to know more about SSL certificate.