Chapter 6. How to Set Up Shipping Options

Table of Contents

6.1. Shipping Basics
6.2. Flat Rate
6.3. Free Shipping
6.4. UPS
6.5. United States Postal Service (USPS)
6.6. Weight Based Shipping
6.7. Other Shipping Options

6.1. Shipping Basics

To set up your shipping options, first click the "System" tab, and then select "Shipping". To turn certain shipping methods on or off, click the "Edit" link for the method you would like to change, and then select the appropriate status from the dropdown menu and click save.

If you would like to offer different shipping options or prices for shipping to different locations, you will first need to set up Geo Zones.

For help setting up specific shipping options, select the appropriate section from this chapter and follow the directions.