Gorgeous Design, 100% Customizable

Completely Customize the Look and Feel of Your Store

Professional Design

Choose from one of our many professionally-designed templates to launch your store quickly.

Drag and Drop Customization

Realign blocks and elements of your pages by simply dragging and dropping.

CSS and Template Editor

Use CSS editor or template editor to design your store to your exact specifications.

Unlimited Product Options

Configurable Products, Customizable Options, Digital Downloads

Sell any Products

Completely flexible to support any type of product you want to sell, including digital downloads.


Sell products with product-specific options (e.g. color and size for clothing, and megapixels and zoom for digital cameras).

Feature-Rich Prices

Feature Rich Price Strategies, Special Prices, Wholesale Discounts, VIP Prices, On Sale.

Image Zoom

Unlimited Product Images, Support Image Zoom.

Largest Marketing Toolbox

Coupons, Gift Cards, Affiliate Programs

Flexible Coupons

Coupons can be customized for customers, product categories and even time.

Gift Cards

Let your customers purchase credits in your store and email those credits to the recipient for use at any time.

Affiliate Program

Encourage people to incorporate affiliate links in their blogs and websites and highly increase your store's exposure.

Related Products, Cross-sell

Suggest related products or accessories during the checkout process. This is a great way to boost your average transaction and increase sales.

Strong International Support

10+ Shipments, 20+ Payments, 30+ Languages, 100+ Currencies.

Strong Shipping & Payment

Multiple shipping (Fedex, USPS, UPS etc) and payment methods(Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer etc).

Multiple Languages

Choose from more than 30 languages with professional translation that you can customize.

Multiple Currencies

Support multiple currencies worldwide for your storefront. Decide your own exchange rate.

Flexible Tax Rate

Quickly and easily configure tax rate for different countries and areas.

Facebook Shop

Create a Fully Functional Store within Facebook.

Launch in Minutes

Set up a Facebook store in just a few clicks.

Fully Functional

Each store maintains a professional appearance and features.

Social Store

500 million Facebook users can search, discover, and purchase your products.